The WearMax® Scratch Concealer for Hardwood Floors


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It's so easy to use - even kids can do it! 

How does the WearMax Concealer Work? Check out the Video:
  • For deep scratches or dark stained floors, matching furniture quality marker may be applied to the blemish prior to the Scratch Concealer application. For best results, WearMax recommends our Touch Up Repair Kit for Hardwood Furniture & Flooring.
  • Eliminates the white line scratches in hardwood floors.
  • Scratch™ is dried under ambient light, creating a permanent seal that won't wash away.
  • Hardwood flooring scratches are concealed and become virtually invisible from a standing height.
  • This product works on 99% of hardwood floors including those finished with Aluminum Oxide.
  • Please note that Wearmax Concealer has different color bottles which are sold through different retailers. The product is authentic and absolutely guaranteed when sold by an authorized WearMax retailer.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! If you aren't thrilled contact us and we'll make it right.

For more detailed information check out this page:  Hardwood Scratch Repair Solution

 Click here for MSDS information.