About Us

Wearmax is proud to say: All our products are Made in the USA.

We offer household and industrial items meant to protect and improve your home or business. With our products, you can sanitize your hands, sanitize surfaces, and even protect and repair your floors. 

We have two sister companies, From the Forest and Trustor Coatings. All our products are produced at Trustor.

Scratch Concealer and our other WearMax products are here to help improve and protect your floors. If you need to remove scratches or cover up any part of your floors, Scratch has you covered. We created this product to go hand in hand with our flooring, as well as other floors. Our Scratch Concealer can help cover accidents that have happened to your floors. The technology for our WearMax products all hails from our sister company Trustor.

Trustor has been in business since 1997, and it quickly revolutionized the flooring industry as the original Performance Coating supplier. We pioneered and patented the use of ceramics in protective coatings. This technology led to the Lifetime Warranty becoming a reality in the residential flooring market. Trustor typically offers its service to manufacturers who apply coatings to products, but since COVID-19, we started formulating sanitizing products for public audiences.

WearMax also offers Trustor's very own hand sanitizer, available in gel or liquid forms. We've worked hard to make sure our hand sanitizer smells good. They are lemon scented, and don't have any unsavory scent notes that can be found in other industrial quantities of sanitizer. We sell by the gallon so that you can have enough hand sanitizer for your employees, guest, or family! 

GermShark is another one of our sanitization brands. We offer boxes and buckets of industrial quantities of sanitizing wipes. With a lemon scent and great germ-fighting ability, GermShark can be trusted to kill 99.9% of most germs and still smell fresh and nice. We started producing GermShark during the COVID-19 pandemic - we wanted to offer industrial quantities of sanitizing wipes to the public. These wipes are perfect for businesses, families, and more. 

We pride ourselves on creating products that keep your floors, furniture, and families safe. From our hand sanitizers to our Scratch concealers, none of our products contain harmful toxins, like VOCs, formaldehyde, or PFAs.


If you have any questions or would like to reach out, please feel free to use the form below.