How to Apply Scratch - Do It Yourself



Step 1: Identify a scratch on your hardwood flooring that is showing that ugly and bright white line. If the scratch or gouge in your hardwood is really deep and if your flooring is a dark species or has a dark stain you may want to use a touch up marker first to get the affected area of wood into the proper color tone before applying Scratch.



Step 2. Apply Scratch according to the instructions on the bottle. Never apply in direct light. In low light situations you can accelerate curing by adding a lamp or other light source by the area. Wipe away excess and do not let anything get into the area while curing.


Step 3. After curing the white line is eliminated and the scratch is sealed. Although you can still physically see the indentation the annoying bright white line that shows up on aluminum oxide finishes will be gone. Also the surface has been sealed by using the Scratch product.