Scratch: Frequently Asked Questions

If you recoat the floor with polyurethane after applying scratch will this product affect the adhesion down the road?

When used as directed there will be no negative impact on recoating. 


How can I remove excess Scratch Concealer product that has cured around a repaired area?

Excess Scratch CAN be removed by mechanical means.  Our team has had successful results buffing excess out using a #0 steel wool.  Note that some finishes may not hold up to steel wool without scuffing or scratching, so it should be tested in an inconspicuous location.  A #00 steel wool may be a better choice to help avoid damage to less durable finishes.
Anyone using steel wool to do this cleanup should be aware that the area needs to be washed to remove the gray and particles generated by the process to verify if they have completed the cleanup.  Over-buffing should be avoided.
Excess material WILL come off in time with foot traffic, etc.  It will stick into a scratch very well, but is not designed for long term adhesion on top of fully cured topcoat. 

Will Scratch Concealer work on laminate flooring?

Our product works to repair white colored scratches that are finish deep. Scratch Concealer was created specifically for hardwood floors.


What makes the WearMax Scratch Concealer different than all those other products that claim to help fix scratches on hardwood floors?

Other floor repair products typically contain oils or similar products that “wet” a scratch to help conceal it.  These products may need to be reapplied periodically, as they may slowly evaporate or even wash away when the floor is cleaned.  Many times they contain volatile organic chemicals (VOCs) even if the label says “VOC free.”  Current regulations in much of the United States allow consumer products to be labeled as “VOC free” even when they contain some VOCs in low concentrations.
WearMax Scratch Concealer’s patent pending formula adapted state of the art, factory applied UV finish technology into a repair product that can be applied at home and cures in visible or UV light.  It contains no oils or harmful VOCs (and we don’t use technical exemptions to make that claim.)  It polymerizes in light to provide a permanent repair that won’t evaporate or wash away.


Will duty and or other fees be applied to my order for International Shipping?

WearMax uses the US Postal Service for shipping and handling. There is no duty applied because Scratch Concealer is Made in the USA, and is therefore protected under NAFTA for shipments to Canada and Mexico.

Do WearMax products contain PFAS?

We do not use components that contain PFAS in any of our products.

There is always a chance that some of our raw materials could have cross contamination if they were produced in a plant that also produces PFAS products. This is unlikely, as reputable manufacturers understand the regulatory concerns related to these chemicals and take steps to prevent contamination. If it were to occur, the amount should be so low that it would be undetectable in your finished product.