Scratches Are Never in Style February 04 2015, 0 Comments

Hardwood flooring really adds ultimate sophistication to a home, and it is so versatile that it can be mixed with just about any stylish décor theme. But inescapable hiccups that no hardwood floor is immune to are scratches from wear and tear over time—and these unsightly nicks are anything but stylish. So, what can you do when you can’t avoid the inevitable scratches that come along with having hardwood floors? Luckily, there is one miracle solution on the market that can keep your floors looking just as fabulous as the day you installed them. 

WearMax’s Scratch Concealer is the life elixir for hardwood floors in a bottle. This incredible product uses its one-of-a-kind patent pending technology to make seriously uncool abrasions on your hardwood floors disappear. With just a few drops, Scratch Concealer completely rids hardwood flooring of the inevitable trend of white marks brought on by scuffs and scratches. You no longer have to worry about being embarrassed of shambled floors, or the stress of impending scratches. If you can’t avoid abrasions and white marks on your flooring, at least you can beat those marks at their own game. 

So, how does this work? Scratch Concealer actually seals the scratches that cause the ugly white marks, meaning that the scuff can no longer gather dirt and debris, which makes it impossible to clean and sometimes impossible to get rid of. Using WearMax’s Scratch Concealer is super easy, as you just apply the product onto the marks you want to eliminate. After the Scratch Concealer dries, it will never wash away and you’ll never have to worry about that particular scratch again. With a process so simple and so swift, your worries about future marks that are guaranteed to appear completely melt away as well. And you’re floors will never look more stylish.