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Hardwood Scratch Repair August 30 2016, 0 Comments

You have a beautiful hardwood floor, wouldn't you like to keep it that way?
Accident's happen... scratches happen. However, there is a solution!
WearMax eliminates the white lines on hardwood caused by scratches!
Make the investment  into your flooring last with WearMax.
Flooring pictured in photo is called:
 Saddle Hickory
Manufactured by:
From The Forest - 100% Real Wood & Made In The USA.

No Tricks, Just Treats! October 21 2015, 0 Comments

Trick or treating has a fun meaning that equals lots of laughs, exciting costumes, and lots of yummy candy! So, you shouldn’t have to put up with just a trick this year and no treat when it comes to scuffed up hardwood floors. Don’t let those scratches and abrasions get the best of you! Treat yourself to gorgeous hardwood flooring this very moment with WearMax’s Scratch Concealer. 

Scratch Concealer by WearMax is an innovative product on the market that is the only one that actually works to reverse the effects on hardwood flooring brought on by the wear and tear of time. Using some pretty miraculous technology, WearMax’s Scratch Concealer is practically a “finish in a bottle” and not only gets rid of scratches, but also makes your flooring practically glimmer like new! While chocolate and candy corn are delightful Halloween treats, nothing beats the treat of having gorgeous flooring this fall. 

Once you get yourself a bottle of Scratch Concealer, you’ll only need to apply it to your damaged areas and sit back to watch the magic happen as the Scratch Concealer dries. You’ll be amazed at how much better your floors look—even more beautiful than when they were brand new! 

Don't Be Haunted by Scratched up Hardwood Flooring! October 14 2015, 0 Comments

Television, movies, and books are full of ghost stories this time of year, so the last thing you need is one more haunting at your own home—by your scuffed up hardwood floors! There is no haunting as terrifying as what stares you in the face every night as what used to be beautiful hardwood floors. But you don’t have to live with disgusting flooring! With WearMax’s Scratch Concealer, you can have your floors looking angelic and ready for Halloween guests in mere hours!

Scratch Concealer by WearMax uses an advanced technology to rid your hardwood floors of white marks brought on by abrasions in a snap, and it’s the only product out there that actually works. If you thought your hardwood floors were past death with no looking back, think again. Grab yourself a bottle of Scratch Concealer by WearMax right now and the process to gleaming floors is simple. Apply a few drops of Scratch Concealer on the problem areas of your hardwood flooring, let it dry naturally, and voila! In just a few hours, your hardwood floors have gone from a tale of terror to a tale of delight!