Say “I Do!” to Scratch Concealer

Posted by Ashley Jones on

Can you believe that wedding season is upon us already? As if the Valentine’s Day time of year couldn’t be any more romantic, there is never a better time for love and marriage, and there isn’t a more perfect pairing than that of your poor, dilapidated hardwood flooring and Scratch Concealer by WearMax!

These two go hand in hand like Romeo and Juliet, as Scratch Concealer takes perfect care of a sad looking hardwood flooring situation. Get your floors engagement photo ready with the matchmaking of Scratch’s miraculous results on the abrasions in your wood floors. Much like true love, the process is both enjoyable and effortless, with just a few drops to the area in question, a few hours of flirtatious dry time, and voila! A marriage made in heaven between once ugly hardwood floors that have now turned into an illustrious focal point in your home. 

You don’t even have to be a part of all the weddings and engagements going on right now to feel surrounded by complete love and romance this season. Give your floors their perfect match with Scratch Concealer by WearMax and watch them come back to life. 


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