Share the Love of Scratch

Posted by Ashley Jones on

Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and what better way to share your love than with a little much-needed TLC to your hardwood floors. February is a time to surround yourself with loveliness, and you just can’t do that if your flooring is ugly and unkempt. 

Even if you’ve always though it’s impossible to make your hardwood floors look brand new again, you couldn’t be more wrong! Scratch Concealer by WearMax is the go-to product that works and works fast, surrounding you with some serious Valentine’s Day magic when you see the results! Oh my, is that love in the air you feel? Of course it is, as Scratch only has the best kind of love when it completely renews your hardwood flooring! And the process is oh-so-easy, too! Simply apply Scratch Concealer by WearMax to the trouble areas of your floors and in just a few hours, your hardwood flooring will be even more brilliant looking than it was when you installed it brand new! 

So what are you waiting for? Surround yourself with beauty this Valentine’s Day season and grab a bottle of Scratch Concealer by WearMax—or three—today! Your heart and home will thank you for it.


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