New Year, New Flooring!

Posted by Ashley Jones on

The New Year has begun! This is a time in which we all fall into an awesome fresh start mode, and the perfect way to get this brand new year started is by giving some much needed love to your unsightly hardwood flooring. It’s easy to let the year drag on and put off taking care of your floors, but now that we are in 2016, what are you waiting for? It’s time to get after revamping your once beautiful hardwood floors! 

Treat your new year’s self with a little handy miracle in a bottle known as Scratch Concealer by WearMax. This simple, easy-to-use and fast to fix formula uses some serious one of a kind technology to transform your old, last year’s flooring to brilliant floors for the 2016 year. And what’s even better is that once you have a few bottles of Scratch Concealer on hand, you’ll never have to wait until a New Year to fix any abrasions that might occur. Scratch Concealer is so easy and quick to use, that any time you notice a new sign of wear and tear on your floors, just grab out your Scratch Concealer, apply, and in a few hours, the marks will have disappeared, keeping your floors looking new as the year you’re celebrating fresh! 


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