Touchdown On Home Maintenance January 27 2016, 0 Comments

You’ve been waiting for this all year. Preparations for the big day are underway. But you’re not scoring any touchdowns on the home maintenance front. Now you can maintain the winning gleam of your hardwood floors in time for this special occasion. It’s not your wedding anniversary. It’s the Super Bowl!  

Get your game face on and brace yourself for the unexpected. Winning! Find out why WearMax Scratch Concealer repairer is the most in-demand player in its field. Let WearMax Scratch Concealer be your weapon of mass ‘reconstruction’. Your game plan will look like this. First, identify the unwanted white line and use a touch-up marker to color match the affected area. Next, apply WearMax Scratch Concealer using our handy bottle applicator and allow to dry in natural light. Finally, reveal your perfectly smooth playing field. Like any offensive line protecting their quarterback, WearMax Scratch Concealer will protect your floors unconditionally.

Our product will fix your floors faster than you can say "touchdown", giving you more time to focus on what’s important. Game food. With your spare time, why not create some of these amazing feasts. 

Let's face it, the real star of the show will be your television but a close second will be your hardwood floors where visitors will be able to see their own winning reflection.

Congratulate the champion of your Super Bowl week - WearMax Scratch Concealer – and of course, you!