Kids Do the Darndest Things

Posted by Ashley Jones on

Some of our best memories are made during our childhood. It’s a joy to just sit back and watch your children be delighted by some of the simplest of things. Just seeing that smile light up across his face as he runs back to and from his toy chest to pull out his favorite trinket in an effort to fill the entire room with toys? Priceless. He grabs his blocks, then his action figures and finally he sends his toy cars zipping across the room. It breaks your heart to bring an end to his overly imaginative play session for the day and you can’t help but feel a little guilty for doing so. As he cleans up his toys and leaves the play room, you notice something. That toy car Johnny was pushing around was missing a wheel, leaving behind unsightly marks all over your hardwood floors! Your feelings of guilt quickly turn to horror as you contemplate the enormous cost of having to get the boards replaced. Sure, you could always decide to buy more matting for the room in the future but what are you supposed to do in the mean time? Thoughts race through your head, “Was this the only room he’s played with that in? Are the rest of my floors at risk? How will my wife react when she comes home and sees what happened?".

When play time is over, there is no reason to let those scratches on your floors remain. Simply apply WearMax® Scratch Concealer to those areas where kids got a little too rowdy, allow it time to dry and presto! Your floors will be as good as new so your guests, your wife and even little Johnny won’t notice a single thing. And there are no worries if Johnny gets a little creative with the finger paint, once the concealer dries the floorboards can still be cleaned in the same old fashion. Being a parent isn’t easy, but removing the scratches in your floors is! Use WearMax® Scratch Concealer to make life a little easier on yourself. 


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