Let There Be Light

Posted by Ashley Jones on

Is there any better feeling than getting up early in the morning on the weekend after a full nights rest? That wonderful feeling of having the entire day before you to do whatever you want to do for a change. Maybe, you’ll invite a friend over for lunch, catch up, and grab a bite. Or, maybe a few drinks. You’ve earned it. Eager to start your day, you rush through the house going around opening up all the blinds making sure to let in as much sunlight as possible. The sunlight peaking in through the windows adds a sense of warmth throughout your home and you can’t help but admire your lovely home. The morning light just makes everything look better! The paint on the walls, that art work you got from a garage sale, the floors… oops, wait a minute. What’s that on your floors? A scratch. A scratch! How did this happen?

And just as luck would have it, you’ve got your friends coming over in a few hours! Worse, you know how much Barbara-Ann loves to gossip about people behind their back. Don’t fret! Just grab a bottle of Scratch Concealer and the only thing you’ll hear out of Barbara-Ann’s mouth is how Geraldine’s husband keeps forgetting to put the cat out at night. If you’re worried that the ambient lighting will once again reveal the mistakes of your past then it’s safe to say that you put those fears to rest. WearMax® Scratch Concealer will hide the flaws in your floors and doesn’t show in ambient lighting. Don’t be afraid of the light. Get WearMax® Scratch Concealer and let all that light in.


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