Deck Your Own Halls with Shining New Floors!

Posted by Ashley Jones on

The preparation for the holidays is well under way, and with so much to do, you absolutely cannot let your scuffed up hardwood floors get the best of you—or your holiday décor! Don’t sacrifice your holiday spirit every time you look down at that flooring, and instead grab you a bottle of the only thing on the market that actually works to fix it! Scratch Concealer by WearMax is nicknamed “finish in a bottle” for good reason—it reverses the wear and tear effects on your hardwood floors!

Get ready to deck the halls—quite literally! Compliment every part of your home with brand new, gorgeous flooring, and do it right now! Scratch Concealer by WearMax works fast to make your floors shine as bright as holiday tinsel, and all it takes is a few drops, a little bit of drying time, and voila! You never had to let go of your holiday spirit and neither did your home. If you thought your hardwood flooring looked immaculate when you first installed it, then you’ll be amazed at how even better it looks after a once over with Scratch Concealer by WearMax.


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