No Sugarcoating

Posted by Ashley Jones on

‘Tis the season for delicious, one-of-a-kind treats that satisfy our sweet tooth! And while it’s lovely to have just about everything coated in sugar for the next couple of months during the happy holidays, there is one thing that simply cannot be sugarcoated—your ghastly-looking hardwood floors! This is definitely the worst time of year to be thinking about the financial strain of completely tearing up and replacing all of your flooring, and you shouldn’t have to! With the miracle in a bottle that is Scratch Concealer by WearMax, you won’t have to!

Scratch Concealer is such a sweet, sweet deal, as it’s the only product on the market that works to reverse and diminish those unsightly marks and abrasions on your hardwood flooring. With a few drops to the problem area and some dry time, your floors will look even better than they did brand new! So don’t sacrifice your time, energy, and wallet by ripping out your floors—give them a beautiful makeover right out of a bottle that really works! With a cupcake in one hand and Scratch Concealer in the other, you are wonderfully set for the entire holiday season. We’ll cheers to that! 


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