So Many Parties, So Many Scratches—So Little Time!

Posted by Ashley Jones on

The holiday season is a time in which we gather and visit with our loved ones as much as possible, however if you particularly love to host holiday themed events at your home, you have a whole other worry that most people don’t. Every single detail in your home is so important when you host events—especially your hardwood flooring. So, how on earth can you manage to keep it looking fabulous for sixty days’ worth of holiday celebrations? Find your saving grace in Scratch Concealer by WearMax. 

This incredible product boasts a patent-pending technology that makes it the only one that works on the market, giving you scratch-free floors all holiday season long. Get yourself a few bottles of this miraculous product to keep on hand and transform your floors before, during, and after every event. See a scratch pop up in the middle of a fun holiday soiree? No problem! Grab your “finish in a bottle” of Scratch Concealer and apply it, dry it, and just like that, no more unsightly mark! 

Your holiday events simply can’t be perfect without the reliability of the world-renowned Scratch Concealer by WearMax. 


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