It’s Turkey Time!

Posted by Ashley Jones on


The holiday season is a jovial time in which we stuff ourselves with amazing food and surround ourselves with our loved ones. During this time of great feasting, you don’t have to just drool over the crispy turkey and delectable desserts—feast your eyes on saying goodbye to ugly scratches and hello to gorgeous hardwood flooring with the one and only Scratch Concealer by WearMax! 

Nothing is as unappetizing as deep white marks and abrasions brought on by the wear and tear of time, so it’s time for you to do something about those unsightly hardwood floors before the ultimate Thanksgiving dinner time arrives! Scratch Concealer by WearMax is a bigger miracle than a perfect turkey and dressing, and you’ll be amazed at the brilliant results once you get a few drops on those pesky floor scratches. In just hours, Scratch Concealer does its work and transforms your floors into shining hardwood so breathtaking, that everyone will think they are brand new! 

Don’t waste any more time away from that delicious dinner! Clean up those terrible marks on your hardwood floors right this very moment and you’ll be stress free all holiday season long.


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