This Season We're Thankful for Scratch-Free Hardwood Floors!

Posted by Ashley Jones on

The approaching holiday season is a time we gather with the ones and the food we love the most, and reminisce over all the things we are most thankful for. Among that list this year, why not treat yourself to a truly wonderful gift to be thankful for—scratch-free hardwood flooring! 

It can be sickening to look down at your floors which used to be so beautiful when you first installed them, but now look old and worn with scuffs and abrasions. But you don’t have to be sad a moment longer! There is a product out there to be truly thankful of this holiday season, and that is Scratch Concealer by WearMax. This “finish in a bottle” transforms your hardwood flooring into something to be beyond gracious for, and they are the only company out there that can do this successfully. Not only are the results amazing, but the process to getting there is so simple and quick! Just apply Scratch Concealer on the ugly marks in your flooring, let it dry, and voila! Right before you have time to say “Carve the turkey”, you’ve got flooring that looks brand new again!


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