WearMax Hardwood Scratch Concealer Opens PreFundia Enrollment

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Sign Up for Notices about Launch of Proprietary Hardwood Floor Scratch Repairing Product

Weston, WI MAY 11, 2015 WearMax.com announced today that it has opened enrollment on PreFundia.com for notifications about the upcoming launch of its WearMax Scratch Concealer for hardwood floors which is set to go live on Indiegogo.com in the near future.  

For the first time ever there is a solution to solve the white line scratches that occur in hardwood without replacing or re-finishing the flooring. The patent pending formula has been finalized and is ready for the official launch.

Over 60 Million homes in America have hardwood flooring and all of them have scratches. Existing hardwood scratch remedies are often topical applications that simply wash away after the first cleaning of the floor. The WearMax Concealer will cure and bond with the flooring finish permanently when exposed to the ambient light in a home or office.

WearMax utilizes a proprietary blend of advanced, water resistant, ambient light-cured ingredients to conceal scratches on hardwood flooring.  It can eliminate white line scratches, reducing the appearance of imperfections while creating a permanent seal.  The solution will work on most any hardwood flooring and in particular will be most effective on those floor finishes that include Aluminum Oxide. These floors are most likely to show white line scratches.

“No matter how careful you are with hardwood flooring, you’re going to get scratches.  That’s part of the charm of hardwood, but bad scratches are unsightly and can cost hundreds, even thousands, to fix. WearMax changes all that,” Said Tryggvi Magnusson, CEO of From The Forest.  “Now, you can sign up on PreFundia and get early notices about our product launch.”

WearMax has been in beta testing on Amazon.com, where it has received favorable reviews after more than 1,000 real consumers have tried the first version of the formula. It is the only product on the market that has been tested to have a permanent effect on white line scratches.  WearMax goes on clear, without the need for scrubbing, blending or color matching. After a few hours of drying/curing time, the scratch is less noticeable and protected from further damage. WearMax’s ambient light curing feature is unprecedented and is ideal for homes with children and pets.

About WearMax

Located in Central Wisconsin, WearMax.com is an emerging player in flooring maintenance items that are differentiated and unique in the marketplace. The components used our patent pending products are formaldehyde free and meet the highest standards for air emissions. WearMax has also produced ceramic based, wear resistant high performance finished that are UV cured to protect air quality for.


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