Make Your Dad a Superhero This Father's Day!

Posted by Ashley Jones on

Hardwood floors are a beautiful main aesthetic to any home, so when the impossible to avoid flare ups of scratches and abrasions appear over time, it can be disheartening. It can feel inevitable that these scratches are there to stay, but there is an amazing product on the market that actually reverses these ugly marks! Scratch Concealer by WearMax is the only solution that works and the results are all but miraculous. Is your dad down in the dumps about the scuffs in his hardwood flooring? Well, you can turn him into a true superhero this Father’s Day by getting him a bottle of Scratch Concealer! 

This Father’s Day, you can give your dad the superhero power of saving the day and fixing his scratched up hardwood flooring completely! Arm him with a bottle of Scratch Concealer by WearMax and with just a few simple drops, watch the superhero magic happen! The ugly marks brought on by the wear and tear of time don’t have to be scars on hardwood floors. These scratches can be completely diminished by using Scratch Concealer. Otherwise known as “finish in a bottle”, WearMax’s Scratch Concealer goes on quick and dries naturally ultra-fast, making flooring look bright and brand new in just hours. 

Other products on the market make false promises in reversing the abrasion effects on hardwood floors, but Scratch Concealer is the only solution that really works. With one-of-a-kind advanced technology, WearMax is the only brand out there that offers a workable and affordable solution that performs miracles on flooring right in front of your very eyes. Every dad prides himself in keeping his home looking sharp and intact, so is there a more perfect gift than Scratch Concealer to help him do just that? Give your father a lightning speed solution this Father’s Day to get his floors looking as good as new once again.


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