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It is an inevitable occurrence—you come home from work and notice unsightly scratches on your beautiful hardwood floors that wasn’t there that morning. Your brain goes into overload trying to solve the mystery of what could have happened and who is responsible for the damage. The sports-loving kids and their friends? The loveable cuddly pet dog playing catch in the house? Or maybe the husband who clumsily dropped his heavy set of keys trying to hang them up on the door hook? Save yourself moments of agonizing “Guess Who” and just get yourself a bottle of Scratch Concealer by WearMax. 

Finding surprise abrasions on your hardwood flooring doesn’t have to be a constant mystery game of whodunit. With miraculous advanced technology, Scratch Concealer by WearMax makes your floors look brand new, and is often referred to as “finish in a bottle”. You can completely alleviate any stress that ugly white marks and damage that your floor gathers over time, and you never have to worry about someone accidentally making a new scuff mark. WearMax’s Scratch Concealer is super easy to use—almost effortless—and the results come on fast. Notice a new mark in the floor? Change up your mindset and instead of playing “Guess Who”, just apply Scratch Concealer to the mark, let it dry naturally, and voila! In just a few short hours, the damage is reversed and you can go about your day in harmony. 

Your everyday hustle and bustle of life can exist peacefully with hardwood floors in your home with the fantastic product of Scratch Concealer, which is the only product on the market that actually works. Knowing that you have a bottle of Scratch Concealer within reach can give you the solid peace of mind that you don’t have to waste any more time solving silly mysteries.


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