Summer Is Just around the Corner!

Posted by Ashley Jones on

This past winter was one of the coldest on record, for some parts of the country, and if you’re like most families out there you probably spent a good deal of time running in and out of your home. The snow, ice, and dirt undoubtedly made their way onto your hardwood floors leaving behind scratches and damages that have the winter blues sticking around. Fortunately, you can do something about it without spending thousands. 

So what’s the solution? WearMax Scratch Concealer! The summer is just around the corner, which means backyard BBQs, picnics and pool parties. If you plan to have guests over and want to keep your hardwood floors looking just as beautiful as ever, then you need WearMax Scratch Concealer. 

Designed for permanent results and specifically formulated for easy application, WearMax is simply the best solution for preparing your floors for summer. Not only does it make your hardwood look amazing, it also only takes a few short minutes to apply. No more hours spent crunched over repairing your floors, and no more money lost on repairs this summer. Now you can save your money and your time, by using this unique product to make your floors look incredible all summer long!

We’ve all got get-togethers to plan, birthday parties to enjoy, and summer sun to soak up. So why waste the warmer weather worrying about whether or not your house looks fabulous? WearMax helps you easily disguise, conceal, and permanently hide abrasions on your floors. By eliminating the white you see on the surface, this powerful product restores your expensive hardwood back to its initial shine and beauty. 

Worry less about repairing your hardwood floors, and enjoy the warm summer months before they are all gone, by using WearMax Scratch Concealer.


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