Spring Cleaning Made Easy

Posted by Ashley Jones on

It's that time of year again to wave a happy goodbye to mother winter and say hello to glorious, long-awaited sunshine! Spring cleaning doesn’t seem so bad when the snow finally melts and the sun is pouring through the windows—unless you have scratched up hardwood floors. That sunlight becomes a spotlight on all the wear and tear on your hardwood flooring and it’s the last thing you want to look at as you enjoy the newfound warm weather. But don’t let bad floors ruin the coming of spring! Give your floors a refreshed look by transforming them into scratch free, enviable flooring with Scratch Concealer by WearMax. 

Look no further for the perfect tool to clean up those unsightly abrasions and white marks on your hardwood floors. Scratch Concealer by WearMax turns your flooring into practically brand new surfaces by miraculously eliminating scratches and scuffs in the wood. Not only does Scratch Concealer actually work with its patent-pending advanced technology, but it also is the easiest spring cleaning you’ll ever do in your life! Simply apply the Scratch Concealer on the troubled areas of your hardwood floors, wipe away excess product, and allow it time to naturally dry. Within just hours, you’ll be proud of that spring sunshine illuminating your gorgeous hardwood floors. It’s really that simple! This makes your floors look beautiful and gives you much needed time to get to the other spring cleaning items on your list marked off and done with. So what are you waiting for? Start enjoying those bright hardwood floors now and don’t waste one second of spring!


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