Get Lucky with Scratch Concealer

Posted by Ashley Jones on

Whether you are making your home looks its best to impress guests or are clearing away the damage from this year’s St. Patrick’s Day festivities, Scratch Concealer will help make your hardwood floors appear brand new!

Hardwood floors are a hot item in interior decorating today, but it’s not so hot if yours are covered with scratches and scrapes. The cost and labor required to refinish floors make it a daunting task, but Scratch Concealer can provide great results at a fraction of the price. Reduce the appearance of scratches in your hardwood with Scratch Concealer to make your floor shine.

Even if you carefully maintain your hardwood floors, scratches can occur. It takes only the tiniest grain of dirt on the bottom of a guest’s shoe or under the leg of a chair to begin damaging the surface of your floor. These scratches will disappear with Scratch Concealer, so that you have a gleaming hardwood floor that makes you proud to welcome guests inside.

Use Scratch Concealer before a large gathering to ensure that your home looks great. Then use it again afterwards to take care of any scratches inadvertently caused by rowdy partygoers.

Scratch Concealer is great for homeowners with young children or pets. Don’t get mad when accidental damage happens. Simply grab the Scratch Concealer and your worries, and the scratch, are gone.

The permanent seal created by Scratch Concealer makes damage to your hardwood floor almost invisible. The solution is permanent and results are 100% satisfaction guaranteed. Scratch Concealer has even earned the nickname “finish in a bottle.” You will not find an easier way to efficiently and effectively revitalize your hardwood floor’s finish.


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