Your Everyday Hero

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Having hardwood floors requires dedication and some patience. After owning hardwood floors for nearly 10 years, I know just how easy it is to scratch or damage them without even thinking about it. 

Just like everything else in life, maintaining the attractive condition of my hardwood floors has required extraordinary skills. Skills I never even knew I had. Of course, I couldn’t have done it without the help of my trusty sidekick. After all, every hero has a sidekick, and when it comes to protecting my hardwood I trust in my Scratch Concealer by WearMax. 

Every day I have kids, pets, friends and family members running through my home and on my hardwood floors. I can’t constantly patrol my flooring, especially since I want my home to be an inviting place where everyone can be themselves. So, instead of swooping in and rescuing every plank of cherry-wood from my guests, I simply wait until everyone has left and take my Scratch Concealer to any new nicks or cracks that were left in the wake of my loved ones. 

I like to think of myself as an ordinary person who does extraordinary things, you know like keeping my hardwood beautiful even with 2 kids and a couple of dogs running around the house. It might sound like a miracle, but with WearMax I can disguise, hide, and conceal all evil scratches that would have me pulling my hair out otherwise.

My friends and family constantly ask me what my secret is to keeping my hardwood floors looking brand new, and I just smile and tell them I have a special friend who helps me out. They all think it must be a maid service, but little do they know I have my very own sidekick who helps me defeat evil every night while the rest of them are sleeping. After all, with great power comes great responsibility and I wouldn’t want my secret to fall into the wrong hands lest scratches become self-aware and learn how to defeat my sidekick. Oh, who am I kidding that would never happen! 

If you’re looking for an everyday hero then choose Scratch Concealer by WearMax, and save your hardwood from evil scratches and unsightly marks.


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