Scratch Concealer Provides Peace of Mind

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Having kids is a delight to most of us. But they can try our patience when they are boisterous or damaging things, especially your precious floors. Hardwood floors do not react well to kids running on them with hard shoes or practicing some kid ritual  when they are not sealed, and even when they are. The wood will soon start to show its displeasure with scratches and bumps or bruises. Kids can be very creative and drag furniture around without lifting it. This is a nightmare for any mom which can escalate quickly into full-blown stress if the home is rented.

So how do these marks and scratches get covered without causing you to have a melt-down? You cannot throw the kids out into the street every time they want to play, nor can you banish them to the yard. Let’s discuss some common problems.

Kids love to drag things around the kitchen and lounge. This can result in hairline scratches which are not very visible or it can result in huge surface scratches. Easy to see marks where the surface has been gouged. 

There can be a type of burn mark on the floor. This can be caused by sliding a carpet which has a poor quality backing on it, making it have friction. The backing melts and a burn type mark is left.

Dragging heavy objects in the room is the major cause of deep surface scratches that penetrate the wood surface and damage the protective coating. 

Deep grooves and gouges are the hardest to get rid of. They are a result of  moving heavy furniture across it without putting some protection down. This can be wardrobes, sofas or simply kitchen chairs and tables.  

It may not be easy for  Mom to live with deep surface scratches on the floor at home. She needs to have her peace of mind and our product is just going to do that for her. From minor to deep scratches, the product is going to make them invisible so she doesn't mind letting her family have an active lifestyle on the hardwood floors because she has the way to fix scratches.

The Solution is the product that helps to disguise pesky scratches to hardwood floors. Use the product to conceal scratches when you have active kids who want to let their imaginations run. The Mom knowing that she can use the product to fix things will bring her peace of mind.


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