Scratch Concealer Has Arrived

Posted by Ashley Jones on

Hardwood floors are beautiful and an appealing compliment to any home. They look good, feel good under your feet, and are virtually stain-proof. However, an inevitable monster that is simply unavoidable when it comes to hardwood floors are the white marks brought on by the wear and tear of time. There are tons of products out there that claim a quick fix for these scratches and scuffs, but in reality, they don’t last or just plainly don’t work. 

You can stop your endless search now because there is one product on the market that actually does work and it lasts forever! Scratch Concealer by WearMax is an incredible product that uses one of a kind, patent-pending technology to permanently rid your wooden floors of the white marks brought on by abrasions, which ultimately makes those scratches invisible. 

Scratch Concealer by WearMax is not only effective, but it’s efficient. Simply apply it on the ugly white lines in your hardwood flooring, wipe away all excess, and give it just a little time to dry in the natural sunlight. That’s it. You’re done! Once dry, Scratch Concealer by WearMax will never wash away. It’s this simple for any type of scratch, whether you’re dealing with fresh damage or with damage that might have dirt or debris embedded in the abrasions. And it doesn’t stop its magic there—Scratch Concealer by WearMax also actually seals those scratches on your flooring to offer an even bigger magnitude of lifetime protection. Even if you decide to recoat your flooring after some time has passed—which most people do—it won’t negate the awesome results of the Scratch Concealer. 

So what’s the catch on this seemingly too-good-to-be-true product dubbed “finish in a bottle”? There isn’t one. Scratch Concealer by WearMax is a great product that truly works and its innovation is taking the hardwood floor industry by storm.


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