Holiday Hangovers and Hardwood Floors

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The holidays are a time of fun with friends and family. Your home becomes the hub of parties and get togethers. Excited children, pets, and a lot of foot traffic can wreak havoc on your home’s hardwood floors. Now that the holidays are over it is time to give your hardwood floors the attention that they desperately need. This article offers great tips on how you can treat your hardwood floors.

With all the extra people that you may have had over during the holidays, you may have noticed excess dirt or mud tracked in onto your wood floors. If you had family members that decided to bring their pets, Fido and company may have shed during their stay in your home, causing that pet hair to sneak into the crannies of your wood flooring. The proper method of weekly cleaning is to use a flat mop that has a microfiber head like a Swiffer.

Since weekly sweeping of wood floors is unable to pick up all the dirt that finds its way into the crevices of your floor, a routine deep cleaning can bring out the natural beauty of your hardwood flooring. According to Better Homes and Gardens magazine, you should take a wood floor cleaning product and dilute it according to the directions. Next take a microfiber cloth, sponge, or a rag mop and dip it into the floor cleaning solution. Squeeze out the excess moisture until it is only slightly damp to the touch. Be careful to not have too much moisture on while you clean as standing water can cause severe damage to your hardwood floors. 

As you were hosting some of your holiday parties, some damage marks may have suddenly appeared due to spills, tracking in snow, or even pet accidents. Not to worry. You can still save your hardwood floors. For pet stains or dark spots you will want to use some floor wax and rub it in with No.000 steel wool. You can also let some bleach or vinegar sit on the stain for an hour if using the steel wool does not remove the dark spot. Use a damp cloth on the affected area when finished. Many people dress up for holiday occasions meaning many ladies will be wearing high heels, which can do a number on your hardwood floors. Get rid of any heel or scuff marks on your floors by using fine steel wool and floor wax. 

Many people love the look of hardwood floors, but hate all that goes into the upkeep of them. Maintaining your hardwood floors does not have to be difficult. Keep your hardwood floors looking great for many years to come with these simple tips that will come in handy before and following the holiday season!


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