Protecting Your Hardwood Floors When Playing Hostess

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Do you or some of your friends shy away from volunteering as the hostess for an upcoming holiday party or event? Aside from the stresses involved in the preparation, almost everyone is concerned about the resulting damages your homes may sustain, especially to the hardwood floor. Hardwood floors are expensive and tedious to maintain and a day of fun might not all be worth it.

But you shouldn’t really be concerned about playing as a hostess because there are several ways for you to prepare and protect that shiny and sleek hardwood floor. Here are some of the best tips and tricks:

Cover Your Floor with Carpets or Rugs: Still the best way to protect your floor from all risks including heavy foot traffic, liquid spills, stains, accidental hits, dents and scratches is to cover it with carpets or rugs. Although it’s a costly option, you are 100% sure that your floor will be protected.

Reseal or Recoat Your Hardwood Floor: Except for hits and bumps from heavy objects, hardwood is generally protected from moisture, liquids, and stains through coating and sealing. If it’s really an important party you have to host and if you still have several weeks to prepare, you might want to reseal or recoat your hardwood floor.

Prevent Dirt From Coming Inside Your Home: Heavy foot traffic can really make a sleek wooden floor into something rugged. The problem is not really on the amount of traffic but on the footwear and what your guests carry along with them; dirt. Dirt, sand, and other debris work like sandpaper scratching and destroying the surface of your hardwood floor. The more dirt brought in, the worst damage it can produce. You can prevent dirt from entering your house by using mats and rugs at your doorstep. For better cleaning, use a combination of damp and dry mats. 

Use Chair Glides: To reduce that damaging friction between your floor and chair or table legs, ensure to use chair glides. It’s cheap and widely available in the market.

Consider Casual Attire: Unless it’s really a formal occasion, why not suggest a more casual or informal attire. Your goal is to convince guests to wear indoor slippers instead of high heels or best, let them walk barefoot inside the house.

Bring Your Party Outside: Another great idea to prevent all the headaches is to bring the party outside. If you have a nice lawn or garden, why not showcase it to your family and friends. Unless it’s freezing winter time, it’s always best to host a party outside.


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