WearMax® XT Ceramic Finish is the Best Finish for Protecting Hardwood Floors

Posted by Ashley Jones on

Stop worrying about your hardwood floors! The average consumer spends approximately $1,100 per year on different materials, cleaners, and protectors for their hardwood floors. It's time for that to change. What if there was a way to coat your floor with a ceramic finish that was harder than diamond? Well, there is. 

WearMax® XT Ceramic Finish is absolutely the best finish for protecting hardwood floors, and there are a number of reasons why. What this product essentially does is create a layer coating in between your feet and the hardwood floor. Technically speaking, you're really not even walking on the floor anymore! It will keep your hardwood floors looking brand new for a lifetime!

This coating is far superior to others like it in many ways! Once the coating is applied, it is cured by ultraviolet light. It only takes a few minutes to dry! Once it is dry, 180 grit sandpaper can't even scratch it. The finish has even been tested using a 500 grit wheel that didn't make a mark. WearMax® XT ceramic finish adheres to all wood species and is crystal clear. You won’t notice it’s there. This top coat is also very economical. Considering the average person spends $1,100 per year maintaining their floors, you will be spending only a fraction of the average yearly cost for a lifetime of protection! There is absolutely no other product that can offer you what WearMax® XT Ceramic Finish offers. 

Maintaining hardwood floors protected by WearMax® XT Ceramic Finish not be simpler. If something spills, just wipe it up! WearMax® has been tested thoroughly by leaving some known stain-causing ingredients on the floor for over 18 hours. These ingredients included: wine, coffee, lipstick, vinegar, and even permanent ink! None of these ingredients left even the slightest mark when cleaned up the next day!

No other hardwood flooring finish on the market even comes remotely close to how well this one works for your floors. You can rest assured that you are protected against maximum scratch and wear resistance with WearMax®.


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