A Canadian Mommy Tests WearMax Scratch

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From time to time WearMax recruits field testing candidates to really help us understand our product results.  To be honest we need these testers to help us validate our own tests and belief that Scratch is an amazing scratch concealer. In other words, even if we are in love with our own product and believe in it, if consumers that try it in their own homes can not use it with positive results then we are on the wrong track. Conversely if the customers experience the same success we do then we are on the right track with our mission to delight customers by making scratches virtually disappear!


Recently a rising star in the Mommy Blogger community agreed to become a field tester.


Here is an except of a couple of her comments:


"I was a little skeptical about this miracle product at first.  How can this little bottle of solution turn that scratch back into the stunning floor I once knew?  Well, I carefully read through the directions.  (I actually did this time!)  I followed the 3 simple steps and voila!  The scratch was barely there.  Ok, well if you look really close while laying on your tummy you can see but that is just ridiculous.  LOL"


To see the full review please check out the blog located at: http://www.blendedrealityfamily.com/reviews.html


Here are some of the pictures captured during this recent experiment:





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