Common Issues with Hardwood Floors October 17 2014, 0 Comments

If you desire a natural looking floor for your home, then hardwood flooring would top the list! The grains, textures, varieties and colors available in make it an instant choice for those after a natural look for their home. Hardwood floors are admired by many. However, there are some difficulties associated with it. Wood floors are often more expensive than other flooring alternatives. Moisture content, if not managed properly, can cause big issues. Being a natural resource, there is risk for wood becoming scarce in supply if not managed carefully. Today we bring to you some common issues and concerns with hardwood flooring. We expect that these will help you to prevent the problems you may face in your home.

Moisture: A common issue with hardwood flooring is moisture content. Wood can absorb a lot of moisture over time. Moisture can be problematic if the floor planks were not properly dried at the time of installation and or the subfloor became wet from spills and leaks.

Adhesive Damage: Another common issue is moisture exposure during the work process, resulting in adhesive damage. This can lead to early wear and tear on the wood floor, and an uneven surface. Professional help might be required to restore the floor.

Brittleness: Hardwood can become dry and brittle if not kept at a suitable temperature. Installing floor plans with nails can cause cracks and splits, and other damage. Dryness of wood can increase chances of cupping

Dents and Scratches: Hardwood floors are also subject to dents and scratches. Hardwood floors come equipped with a protective finish, but over time it wears. Avoid early wear and tear with the use of door mats and protective pads under chairs and other furniture.

Pests Damage: Termites and other pests can be a huge problem for homeowners. Termites feed on wood, which can severely destroy your hardwood floor. Mice can also damage wood floors with their claws. Stains from droppings left behind can create permanent markings to your floor, and damage the protective finish.

Damage from Sunlight: Hardwood floor can change colors if exposed to UV rays from direct sunlight. You can save your hardwood floor by blocking much of the sunlight using area rugs, curtains or shades, and by closing shutters. 

All the above highlight some of the common issues of hardwood flooring. It may sound like hardwood floors are a hassle, and require excessive care and attention. However, if you take minor precautions, they can really change the outlook of your home.