How To Preserve Your Hardwood Floors

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Protecting and preserving hardwood floors can be easy if you know some helpful tips. Putting in the effort now will help keep your hardwood floors looking like new and staying beautiful. Following are some simple things you can do and watch for to keep your hardwood floors looking great for years to come!

Maintain Humidity Levels: Keep the relative humidity level somewhere in the range of 35% to 65%. Staying within this range will help prevent the wood from becoming too dry and shrinking. Excess moisture absorption could potentially lead to wood expansion, warping, and mold development.

Watch Temperature: Hardwood flooring needs to be kept at a relatively constant temperature. It does not do well with extreme fluctuations of heat above 85° or temperatures below 35°.

Limit Water: It is very important to never soak the floors or use excessive amounts of water on the flooring as moisture can be absorbed and warp the wood. Use a damp mop only when cleaning and never use cleaners that include ammonia, oil, or wax.

Door Mats: Simple door mats can help keep the floors in high traffic doorways from getting scuffed and damaged by small stones and debris that comes in on footwear. 

Rugs: Prolonged and repeated exposure to sun through windows will fade hardwood floors. Area rugs should be moved occasionally to allow natural color changes to occur evenly. Avoid latex mats and latex rugs as they will permanently stain your floor.

Move Furniture Wisely: Use felt padding and cork pads to keep furniture from digging into and denting the floor during every day use. When moving furniture, use slide pads so the floor will not be scuffed by dragging the piece across the room.

Watch Potted Plants: If you have plants inside your home, avoid setting the pots directly on the floor. There must be a layer of protection between the pot and floor so dirt and water cannot damage the floor.

Be Smart with Footwear: Do not allow people to wear spiked heels, athletic shoes, boots, and other footwear on the floor. Even the hardest wood floors and finishes will be damaged. 

These are just a few steps you can take to help keep your hardwood floors looking great. You spent the time and money to get the flooring in your home looking beautiful, so put in just a little extra effort and you can enjoy that flooring for years to come!


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