Spring Cleaning: Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!

Posted by Ashley Jones on

There is something about spring that energizes us and makes us feel motivated to move. It's the perfect time to clean your home from top to bottom and declutter your life. That is of course, unless your floors are showing unsightly scratch marks. Then, no matter how much cleaning you do, your scratched floors will be frowning along with you this spring. 

Spring is a time of change and renewal. Scrubbing floors, on your hands and knees, doesn’t have to be the "new" you.  Truth be told, ain’t nobody got time for that! Lurking on your living room floors is a colony of craters all caused by various mishaps, habits and fun...like when you chased your child in stilettos to let him win. Or when your husband's work friend walked through in steel-capped boots for a well-earned beer. Remember when the removalists delivered your very first couch before there were kids to jump on the couch? That scratch is still center stage on your lounge room floor. The eyes of these floors have seen a lot!

With scratched flooring your property begins to appear worn, and the build-up of dirt and bacteria is imminent. Dust begins to feel very welcome in your home, resulting in allergies and illnesses. Don't welcome bacteria any longer. There is no need to call the repairers and fork out thousands of dollars for major home maintenance. This spring, put a spring back into your step with WearMax Scratch Concealer. Simply apply our solution to the scratch and wait for it dry. Then you are free to clean right over the repair. Healthy floors are happy floors. 

While your floors are a reflection of many misadventures and memories, they shouldn't be a reminder of what you did or didn't do last Spring. Don’t get sprung this Spring doing more work than you have to. Work less. Enjoy more with WearMax Scratch Concealer.


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